High Noon
A Trip to Egypt
Luděk Rathouský
Kurzy začínají na podzim
Zdena Šafka’s exhibition at Václav Špála Gallery unveils abstract paintings inspired by nature
Martin Velíšek
Skutečně je neviditelné ve viditelném jak napsal francouzský filozof. Nepochybně to ví i Jan Pištěk.
Tiny Radius of Awareness
Strange Garden
Stylizačním rámcem je nanejvýš snaha o pevný, kompozičně i světelně sevřený útvar.
Spending Eternity
Jan Svoboda
Obrazy 1648 - 2016
Jaroslav Valečka
Hynek Martinec’s recent paintings are grisaille still lifes that play with the archetypes of the devotional picture and the vanitas.
About her latest set, Galleries (2014 to the present), Ivana Lomová says that it began at a Berlin exhibition of contemporary art, ‘which somehow particularly bored me, as if there were actually nothing to look at there.
Jan Bačkovský
When Jiří Straka places the act of painting at a building site, his ‘picture dimension’ does not appear as a ‘planar dimension’.
Whereas with painting the most important person is the painter, with the image the deciding factor is the viewer.
Kateřina Vincourová
Veronika Bromová
Metaformy pralesa
Jiří David, Andy Hope 1930, Florian Meisenberg
Petr Pisařík
Jan Hísek
The Prague Summer exhibition will present Prague in summer, the Czech landscape and the charm of Czech women through the eyes of an extraordinary Chinese artist, Wu Yi.
Stanislav Diviš
Martin Mainer
Štěpánka Stein & Sámer Issa
Obrazy a sochy
Výstava videoartu laureáta ceny Jindřicha Chalupeckého za rok 2011.
František Skála was born in the 1950s as a child of love and class hatred. He spent his delectable childhood with poor school grades in the streets of what was a suburb of Prague at the time.
Light Obsession. Is it obsession with light or insignificant obsession? It can mean both with Roman Trabura. Ambivalence is typical for him. It can be one way or another.
A great part of the work of the photographer Rudo Prekop has to do with the fundamental themes of human existence, such as the beginning and the end, light and darkness, and, indeed mainly, time.
The artist himself has called the exhibition ‘To the People of Prague’ to mark his approaching sixtieth birthday. The painter has prepared fourteen oils on canvas and one sculpture specially for the Gallery.
The Subcommittee for Suppressing Publicity was established at the Supervisory and Consultative Committee of the B.K.S. headquarters at the conclusion of the reform of the archive service that was sped up after the end of the official B.K.S. exhibition in
The methods of power transmission, as rendered by the painter and printmaker Vladimír Kokolia, will be revealed at the Václav Špála Gallery, Prague
Autumn at the Václav Špála Gallery, Prague, was reserved for Pavel Baňka’s ‘Essay’ On Photography.
Obrazy z dějin fotografie české
Together with Pavel Lagner, the exhibit’s curator, Stano has chosen about 60 photographs made between 1992 and 2011 for the Václav Špála Gallery.
Kam až
Hořící les
Ty jsi předmět, já jsem podnět
Gagarinova věc
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